The historical change behind the Sabbath Day

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Blog Talk Radio: Religion Exposed, The Holy Feast Days

Ok. As I promised, here is more historical evidence of the change of the Original Sabbath Day that was instituted by God. So many people say it’s no big deal what day you keep as the Sabbath Day even though God wrote this commandment with his own finger. (“Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it Holy). Through these blogs and other means of communication, it still amazes me that many “Religious People” don’t believe in the entire Bible. If it doesn’t fit their current doctrine or belief system, it makes no difference what the Bible says. I have included (in black) direct quotes from the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia.  I have put my writings in Red to distinguish the difference. For those that may say “well I am not a Catholic”, most of all Christianity doctrine has come from “The First Christian Church”( Roman Catholic Church). History books and even the acknowledgment of those that were responsible for this change, only confirms that the Sabbath Day (As today’s Christian Church’s observe it-1st day of the week) was illegally transferred.

Sunday (Day of the Sun), as the name of the first day of the week, is derived from Egyptian astrology

However, Tertullian (202) is the first writer who expressly mentions the Sunday rest:

“We, however (just as tradition has taught us), on the day of the Lord’s Resurrection ought to guard not only against kneeling, but every posture and office of solicitude, deferring even our businesses lest we give any place to the devil” (“De orat.”, xxiii; cf. “Ad nation.”, I, xiii; “Apolog.”, xvi).

Today, many religions take a handful of events in an attempt to make a point that Sunday is the Sabbath due to those events. We can see that there was never a mention of “Sunday” as being the Christian Sabbath in the Bible. It was not until 202 A.D. when Tertullian,  referred to the 1st day of the week as “Sunday Rest” If you look deeper into your history books, you will discover that those that were responsible for the change, once kept the 7th day Sabbath and all the Jewish feast days.

Here we can see again, with the institution of the “Lord’s Day” (Sunday)by the Roman Church, they thought that it would be a good idea to apply the original Sabbath Day ordinances to their day.(TheLord’s Day)

The obligation of rest from work on Sunday remained somewhat indefinite for several centuries. A Council of Laodicea, held toward the end of the fourth century, was content to prescribe that on the Lord’s Day the faithful were to abstain from work as far as possible. At the beginning of the sixth century St. Caesarius, as we have seen, and others showed an inclination to apply the law of the Jewish Sabbath to the observance of the Christian Sunday.

The following is what the Bible Said regarding the 7th Day Sabbath.  Many years later, and thousands of denominations later, religions have become much more relaxed on these ordinances:

The Sabbath was a day of rest “sanctified to the Lord” (Exodus 16:23; 31:15; Deuteronomy 5:14). All work was forbidden, the prohibition including strangers as well as Israelites, beasts as well as men (Exodus 20:8-10; 31:13-17; Deuteronomy 5:12-14).

Meaning of the sabbath

The Sabbath was the consecration of one day of the weekly period to God as the Author of the universe and of time. The day thus being the Lord’s, it required that man should abstain from working for his own ends and interests, since by working he would appropriate the day to himself, and that he should devoted his activity to God by special acts of positive worship.

The gentile converts held their religious meetings on Sunday (Acts 20:7; 1 Corinthians 16:2) and with the disappearance of the Jewish Christian churches this day was exclusively observed as the Lord’s Day. (See SUNDAY.)

This is where the Catholic Church uses cunning craftiness to influence the 1st day of the week. Although this statement is incorrect, they without hesitation explain that the “Christian” church’s now esteemed this day as the Sabbath Day. Notice they use Acts 20:7 as I stated earlier to insinuate that because Paul broke bread on the 1st day of the week (1 event), and told the Saints to set aside money that this is the new Sabbath.

Acts 20:7 (King James Version)

7And upon the first day of the week, when the disciples came together to break bread, Paul preached unto them, ready to depart on the morrow; and continued his speech until midnight.

So what! Is there a law against eating with the disciples and preaching on any day of the week? Recall the scripture that I used on the last post. In the same Book (Acts), we are told that it was the custom of Paul to keep the Sabbath Day:

Acts 17:2 (King James Version)

2And Paul, as his manner was, went in unto them, and three Sabbath days reasoned with them out of the scriptures,

The Council of Nicea

A.D. 110:

If, therefore, those who were brought up in the ancient order of things [i.e., the Jews] have come to the possession of a new hope, no longer observing the Sabbath, but living in the observance of the Lord’s Day, on which also our life has sprung up again by Him and by His death … (Ignatius, Letter to the Magnesians 9)

A.D. 150:

And on the day called Sunday, all who live in cities or in the country gather together in one place, and the memoirs of the apostles or the writings of the prophets are read, as long as time permits; then, when the reader has ceased, the president verbally instructs, and exhorts to the imitation of these good things. … [then a description of communion given as well] (Justin Martyr, First Apology 67)

Here are a few more interesting dates in history as it relates to the Sabbath:

  • 321 Constantine declares Sunday the official Christian sabbath day.
  • 338 Jewish calendar converted to solar calendar.
  • 364 Council of Laodicea *anathematizes Christians who keep a 7th day Sabbath.

* curse or declare to be evil or anathema or threaten with punishment even death

Daniel 7:25
And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.


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