“How do I get to Beyth-el and what signs should I see that will identify this place”? (Part 2)

Posted: October 14, 2010 in His Holy Habitation

Beyth-‘el is a universal place and the name is a universal name. Surely if ‘El(God) commanded man to come to this place all the days that he live upon the earth (Deut 12:1-5), and if it is impossible to keep his Sabbaths and Holy Feast Days without gathering in this place, it had to be a universal place. As we seen in the last post, this is his dwelling place; his habitation (Gen. 28:16-19; Deut.12:5).I know that it may seem a little difficult for some to believe that ‘El has a place where he dwells for he is God. His presence may seem too big to be contained in a house. God is Almighty, and he can be any place at anytime, but if you want to find him anytime day or night and come before his presence, you can find him at Beyth-el. David understood this concept (Psalms 27:4) and God himself stated that this was his dwelling place. (Deut 12:1-5)

There are many mysteries concerning the house where God dwells (Beyth-el), which was given first to his Chief Shepherd by way of revelation. This included the way in which the name is recorded and how it is codependent on a number of biblical principles. The recording must be established by the Chief Shepherd or 2 or more Apostles. Exodus 20:24 is a good example of both the Universal name and the blessing that come from this place.

….in all places where I record my name I will come unto thee, and I will bless thee.

Record means to write. It is a physical sign or identifying mark that makes a distinction from one place to another. In Deut 12:5, it states …. to put his name there. Put is a physical action. It shows that something physical had to be on a place so that you could identify his house. Beyth-‘el is the universal location because scripture tells us that in ALL PLACES where his name is recorded that he will come and will bless. All places is plural, and since his sheep will be spread throughout the world (Matthew 24:31), and he made this a commandment (Deut. 12:1-5), Beyth-el has to be all over the world. He never in scripture promised to come to your house, job, or any other religious building to bless you. But here is one promise that we can see clearly from the Bible whether you agree or not; He has promised that where this name is recorded (1 Place), he will come and bless!

The recording today must be the same way it was recorded thousands and thousands of years ago in Ancient Biblical Paleo Hebrew. Let’s make one thing clear however, it cannot be used today without the approval of the one in whom this revelation was given to. How can one person have so much power and what gives him the authority to approve such a divine place? Amos 3:7 says surely the Lord will do nothing but revealeth his secrets to his servant the prophet. In the book of Deut. 29:1,29, scripture tells us that the secret things belong to the Lord our God, but those things which are revealed, belong unto us and unto our children forever. Let me give you a real clear understanding of why God set it up this way. Look at what man has done today with religion. They have made a racket of the word of God using scriptures to build their organization and forsaking other scriptures. Man would try do the very same with the true doctrine of God. Somebody would take this information and use it as a means to start up their own movement, quoting every scripture that we used in this Blog and forsaking all the other scriptures. “The Beyth-el Movement”. Thus we have RELIGION (Man’s way of worshipping God) all over again. You will start to see Beyth-‘el’s all over the world and would not have any idea if you were in TRUE Beyth-‘el (the one set up by the true prophet) or one that was stolen and started by man in which God will enter and destroy. (Amos 5:4-6)

This is why Beyth-‘el cannot be independent of it’s people (Yisra’el) and the Chief Shepherd (Dr. Y.B. Amen) who the Almighty revealed it to.. Nobody, No Where in the world has this information nor can they prove that this is the correct recording of the Paleo-Hebrew for there are several Paleo Hebrew styles. This is how one can discover his true people, his true doctrine, and his true church, for they have the secrets of salvation and can prove it.


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